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This photo is actually getting pulled off Facebook…so, the photographer added a lil text and renamed the file. Pass it on. I’m SURE the media doesn’t want this one out there. Share it as much as you can.”

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This is the best. Really. 



“It’s tremendously emotional.  I don’t hold any animosity against the officer…this is Scott Walker’s leadership in Wisconsin, and it’s reprehensible.” -Democratic Assemblyman Nick Milroy, in a great interview with Rachel Maddow

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Fifty states and fifty countries. I can’t…. words? No words. 


I want to upload all my photos, but flickr and photobucket have monthly limits. Also, I said I would go to bed 25 minutes ago—I’m getting up earlyish to head back down to the Caaapitoooool!

Amazing. All 50 states, DC, plus multiple countries showing love for what Wisconsinites are doing. Thank you WORLD.

Amazing. All 50 states, DC, plus multiple countries showing love for what Wisconsinites are doing. Thank you WORLD.

Big fan of the Daily Show, but after the tirade on WI/Egypt not being similar and then THIS, I’m calling party foul.


Abdurahman Warsame

#Gadafi: i don’t occupy a position, otherwise I would have thrown my resignation in your faces #Libya #Feb17



Our very own http://mohandasgandhi.tumblr.com/ made the official al-jazeera libya live blog (see: 8.20am) with this post here!

To anyone who’s complaining, saying blogging about it does nothing - think again, in this new media age, we are the media. They do take notice, our voices spread, they get amplified. We are part of the history of this revolution, our blogs read as timeliness, archives of the uprising.

We can make a difference. Even if only in spreading awareness- that to me alone is success in itself.

I love Anna so much.

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You see that bullet?

It belongs to a .50 caliber.

You know how many inches it is?

About 5.

You know who’s taking the hits?


Do you know how much of an impact this is on a person’s body?

It tears them apart.

Gaddafi you are a terrible, terrible man.  Subhan’Allah.  Words cannot express how I and many others feel about you right now.

I am going to reblog every single image of this ammunition because it should never, ever, ever be used on a human being. PERIOD.

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Here’s the poster I just made and hung around my campus. It’s original size is 22” x 25.5” and can be tiled on 9 sheets of paper, or it can be printed on a single page.

Print it out and spread awareness, even a little bit helps!

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