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Winning- Charlie Sheen

(Gaddafi dig is most definitely winning…)

5 out of 10 ain’t bad for crazyspeak…

Wonder if Imam Musa al-Sadr will turn up now?

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Abdurahman Warsame

#Gadafi: i don’t occupy a position, otherwise I would have thrown my resignation in your faces #Libya #Feb17


You see that bullet?

It belongs to a .50 caliber.

You know how many inches it is?

About 5.

You know who’s taking the hits?


Do you know how much of an impact this is on a person’s body?

It tears them apart.

Gaddafi you are a terrible, terrible man.  Subhan’Allah.  Words cannot express how I and many others feel about you right now.

I am going to reblog every single image of this ammunition because it should never, ever, ever be used on a human being. PERIOD.

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Here’s the poster I just made and hung around my campus. It’s original size is 22” x 25.5” and can be tiled on 9 sheets of paper, or it can be printed on a single page.

Print it out and spread awareness, even a little bit helps!

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Gaddafi: “I have not used violence yet.”



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End of speech Col #Gaddafi: I will “cleanse” #Libya house by house” if protestors do not surrender

And the Obama Administration remains mute still?

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I am just sad you started a revolution without me.

Gaddafi. Seriously. (via abudai)

I am utterly INCREDULOUS. How is this guy for real?

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I won’t lie, I laughed at him when he said this.

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